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Isengard banner by Kique7

!!Isengards Dog Show !!
Happy B-day kique? by Sharaiza
Breeder of Merit* Assured Breeder*
Welcome to Isengard di Eurico. Our kennel is located in Sweden and Italy.

Home of the first Rifle dog to win World Dog Show 2013, CH Acoustic .

Breeding Rules
Breeding program: Jaro
Breeding Blog

Isengard is the proud breeder of 13 champions.
Ch. Isengards Sultan Di Eurico Rifle Royale
Ch. Isengards Acoustic Di Eurico Northern Rifle
Ch. Isengards Dingo di Eurico Northern Rifle
Ch. Isengards Freykion Di Eurico German Shepherd
Ch. Isengards Freyr Di Eurico German Shepherd
Ch. Isengards Fenrir vom Nordblick German Shepherd
Ch. Isengards Lacandon Di Eurico Malaysian Devil
Ch. Isengards Alcaeous di Eurico Northern Jaro
Ch. Isengards King of the Mountains Northern Jaro
Ch. Isengards Il Nostro Incontro di Eurico Dalmatian
Ch. Isengards Italiano di Eurico German Shepherd
Ch. Isengards Rivero di Eurico Saudi Gazal

Total conformation placings
BIS: 9
RBIS: 11
BOG: 9
BOB: 27
BOS: 9
WD/WB: 30
BOV: 4
BOW: 5

Best brace in show: 3
Breeders stake: 2

2014 Sled Team
Ch Isengards Dio non Voglia di Eurico BCh by Kique7
Isengards Settembre di Eurico by Kique7 & BWK's Sonnia Delife by Beautiful-Waters
Strega di Obiettivo by Target-Kennel & EMK´s Zacchaeus di Eurico
Isengards Khan di Fontana by Kique7 & Isengards Ramona di Fontana by Fontana-Roccia

^breed standard^
Isengards Northern Jaros
Gold-Moose by Kique7NHT Moose sculpture by Kique7NHT JM award by Kique7
We take great pride in the Jaros we breed at Isengard. All of our dogs are of excellent hunting quality aswell as conformation champions, some better than others, but that´s part of the fun challenge of raising hunting dogs.
Our dogs are of standard quality, even though phenotype is the last thing we care about when it comes to choosing our dogs we have kind of specialized in typical wolf agouti, it´s the most common pattern in the breed but just as gorgeous as the rest.
Since our dogs are hunting dogs from the day they are born their retirement come a bit earlier than how it is for our German Shepherds and the rest of our breeds. It´s a tough career to hunt big game each year, it wears the dog out in the end and most hunting dogs in general retire after 10 years.
Our dogs mostly hunt moose but red deer has also been on the menu.

Zacko line
WDS- Zacko by Kique7
CH VV Isengards King of the Mountains di Eurico ROM "Zacko"
Generation: 1
:bulletred:Stud: Retired:bulletred:
:bulletgreen:Hunting: Active :bulletgreen:
Currently we only have one line established and it started with Zacko who is now 6 years old but he´s still a hard working hunting partner, we don´t expect him to get tired until he reached at least 9 years old.
Zacko´s registered name is "Isengards King of the Mountains di Eurico". His coat is of a stunning dark grey wolf agouti.
During his career he has brought down several cows and calves. He participated in Hunting Season where his pack earned 2nd place in general and 1st place in moose category.
Later in his life he got trialed, scored 81p in Field Trial- Moose. His final trial was at the Nordic Masterhips where he scored 88p and got first place, titled VV- Veteran winner.

Finest Weapon by Kique7
V Isengards Prince of the Mountains di Eurico "Roscoe"
Other titles:  JCT , JM, SchH3, BJR3
Generation: 2-1
Sire: CH VV Isengards King of the Mountains di Eurico ROM
Dam: FRK Destroya ROM
:bulletgreen:Stud: 25p fee :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:Hunting: Active :bulletgreen:
Zacko sired our next male in line named Roscoe. Now this guy turned out to be a more all-round working dog unlike his father. From his mother Des he got an incredible drive for protection/tracking/obedience work and he was soon titled SchH3.
Later he met up with Jackie, a female Jaro, where they earned BikeJoring titles together.
Roscoe turned out to be an amazing stud when he sired his first litter and our second Jaro litter. Together they produced 3 healthy pups where we kept one male. At his first field trial he scored 62p, a pretty large gap between him and his fathers score but he passed. Later he was entered in the Nordic Masterships, he behaved a lot better and scored 81p and ended at second place after his father.

Hearing the call by Kique7
EMK´s Zacchaeus Di Eurico "Zacch"
Other titles: JM
Generation: 3-1
Sire: V Isengards Prince of the Mountains di Eurico
Dam: EMK's Conceived of a Jackal
:bulletred:Stud: Closed :bulletred:
:bulletgreen:Hunting: Active :bulletgreen:
Our latest dog in this line is Zacchaeus, name inspired from his grandpa. He´s our 3rd gen Jaro and so far has turned out to be quite a unique fella. Roscoe carries dark gold from his mother, this together with Jackies tan coat produced a dark gold wolf agouti male, his coat is a bit more unique than his father and grandfather as he doesn´t have any dark hair on his head, only on his topline. He also carries brindle from Roscoes side, this could produce very beautiful pups with the right match, perhaps we will see dark gold brindle agouti pups in the near future.
Just like Roscoe, Zacch has a drive for obedience and protection and we expect him to succeed in schutzhund trials soon.
He´s also a part of our sled team as he is driven to run long distances just like his father and mother.
Despite having a very strong pedigree he is quite shy, and the most passive Jaro we have had so far, his future breedings should be together with females that got a more stable, outgoing personality to even it out.
Zacch has just begun his career and is currently registered at the World Dog Show for september month.
He got trialed and got a great score of 79p, ending at 2nd place, an incredible achievement.
After that he is scheduled for the breed survey and sledding.

Other dogs
Nej! by Kique7
CH Isengards Alcaeus Di Eurico "Leus"
Generation: 1
:bulletred:Stud: Closed :bulletred:
:bulletgreen:Hunting: Active :bulletgreen:
Leus is one of a kind, he´s disrespectful in a charming way and quite the rebel.
Despite his hot temper he is an excellent hunting dog, got great focus and drive and also successful in the showring. Leus can contribute a lot to the Jaro breed and that is why we haven´t given up on him. It´s soon time to test his talent when it comes to studding, and hopefully with the right match he will produce some great -stable- pups, not miniature rebells.
Leus is a wild coat, from his dark bay agouti fur a faint gazelle stripe can be seen, this unique marking is very rare in the breed. He also got a eagle mask that extends to the back of his neck.
He was trialed and scored 65p.

Isengards Kida di Eurico by Kique7
Isengards Kida di Eurico "Kida"
Other titles:
Generation: 1
:bulletred:Breeding: Closed :bulletred:
:bulletgreen:Hunting: Active :bulletgreen:
Kida is our first female Jaro in the kennel and a very unique little girl. She´s got a gorgeous black coat with bright nyala stripes, a wild coat that will whelp 2 litters only.
She has a very fiesty but playful personality, very outgoing and loves to speak in her high-pitch bark.
Kida will be the start of our next line of Jaros, a line that will eventually be paired up with the line from Zacko.
Kida is scheduled for the field trial, World Dog Show and breed survey in the next few weeks.
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